Construction tips of the month


Replacing old Tongue-and-groove boards

If your floors are tongue-and-groove boards, it’s necessary to cut through the board joints to release them from their position.
(A circular saw is recommended for this.)

-Lever up the broken board, using a pry bar
(Be careful not to damage the non-damaged planks.)

Remove the tongue from the new board, using a sharp chisel

Construction tips of the month Construction tips of the month

It is simpler to replace square-edged boards than tongue-and-groove boards, since they do not have interlocking edges

Matching Board Dimensions

It may be difficult to buy replacement boards with matching dimensions.
If the new boards are too wide, reduce the width with a power plane.
If an exact depth match is not possible, buy boards that are slightly less deep than the desired depth. Position pieces of hardboard on the joists below to level the boards.


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