Independent Interior Designers

As an Interior Designer you have invested a great amount of time in education and, most likely, the building of relationships with your client base.  Like few other professions, Interior Designers tend to love their work, often integrating facets of it into almost every aspect of life, and enjoy the elements brought together to achieve signature looks. Like you, we are always eager to see what is new, and are scanning the horizon for materials and for innovative approaches of their use.  Form and function, palette and textures, are the elements form which any great room or home are born – the most successful transcending any element to create an environment that supports living in stylish comfort.  We understand the subtle differences that result in confident design.

Interior Designer in Houston
conference room
conference room
At Buffaloe Floors and Up you can take advantage of our conference room for presentations, whether using boards, or Power Point presentations.  Our guest offices offer a private space for conversations with your client, or to ink a contract.  Our Richmond Avenue Design Center has thousands of products on display, and you have full access as our guest if you choose to work alone with your client in the showroom. We are happy to meet with you prior to explore options you are considering.

Should you prefer that we work with you and your client in the showroom, our experienced staff understands that we are here to support you.  If your preference is to have or designers work with your client on your behalf, rest assured that we understand how hard you work to develop and service your clientele.  Our goal is to support your project.